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About the company


Multilingua Language Centre has delivered language training services since 1994. We always aimed to offer the possibility to learn foreign languages using the interactive communicative teaching method that mainly concentrates on communication skills.

At that time, the common way of teaching was the grammar-translation method, giving a passive knowledge of the language but not developing  speaking skills. People also started travelling more and the need for  foreign languages increased greatly. We had a vision of how languages should be taught and learned how to give students the ability and confidence to communicate freely.

We were the first to start using monolingual textbooks to create as real a language environment as possible, to decrease and at higher levels to avoid the use of the students’ mother tongue in classes. We have followed and improved this principle throughout the years. We believe that focusing on developing speaking skills in class will give the learner the confidence to also use the language in real-life situations.


In almost 20 years, the company has grown to be one of the leading language schools in Tallinn. We teach 19 languages in 8 different tuition forms and we have more than a thousand learners every year. We cooperate with more than 40 highly qualified and experienced teachers. The learners’ positive feedback and repeated wish to continue their studies with the same teacher show that our teachers are successful professionals. We also make the effort to keep our teaching materials and methods modern and up-to-date.

In 2006, the European Commission and the Ministry of Education and Research awarded Multilingua the prize for the Best Foreign Language Deed of the Year for launching Multi-Skype language tuition onto the market.

In 2010, Multilingua started co-operation with Auralog, a world-wide  known developer of language technology. As the first language school in Estonia we give our students the possibility to use the Tell Me More language portal.


We value

Flexibility – we are customer-focused, we try to meet our customers’ wishes and adapt to their needs.

Quality – we want to be professional and competent in our field and we  strive to offer modern and effective language training.

Innovation – we are open to new and modern practices and are ready to try them out and integrate them into our work.

Caring – we want  people to be happy with us and wish to establish long-term and friendly business relations with our partners.

Confidentiality – we keep our customers’ data safe.