In-house language training for companies

Proper organization guarantees successful in-house company training. We believe it is important to conduct thorough preliminary work and to closely cooperate with our customers throughout the entire training process.

Preliminary work

Thorough preparation ensures successful training. The customer  decides on the number of students and any specific study-related requests, the course duration and amount of lessons, as well as the  schedule that best suits all participants.

Cooperation during the training

The aim of our work is to ensure that employers and students are satisfied with the training and achieve the desired results. For this reason we believe it is very important to monitor the entire training process,  allowing us to make quick changes to the curriculum and ensuring that the courses meet the needs and expectations of all.

Wrapping it all up

At the end of each course, the teacher prepares a detailed course overview. This is a report containing the descriptions of the individual achievements of each student and information on the overall performance of the group. The teacher provides an overview of the studied topics, including grammar and training materials, and offers recommendations on further training options.

At the end of the training, we also collect student feedback in order to get their impressions and comments and level of  satisfaction with the course. An overview of the satisfaction level of our students for the entire year can be found here.

Contact us, and we will offer you various cooperation opportunities to assess and improve the language skill levels of your employees.

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