We have worked in the field of language training for adults since 1994, and today we are one of the leading language schools in Tallinn. We teach 19 languages, offer 8 different tuition forms, and annually provide services to over 1,000 students. Multilingua has more than 40 teachers with appropriate  qualifications and extensive professional experience. All of our teachers are real experts in their field, which is confirmed by positive student feedback and the desire to continue training with the same teacher.

Since all customers and students are different, we offer a wide  choice of languages, teachers, forms of tuition and teaching materials, providing for sufficient flexibility. Our partners and students can find the best solution for their successful language studies.


We guide our students through various proficiency levels for the following languages: Estonian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, German, Finnish, Danish and Russian.

Language proficiency levels and teaching methods

Our training and testing are based on language proficiency levels developed by the Council of Europe. Our training employs the interactive communicative approach. Of course all language skills are developed (speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar), but the emphasis is on the speaking skills of our students, so they learn from the very beginning to communicate with confidence. To help in reaching this goal, we keep our groups small. As a rule, groups include 4-5 or 6-8 students. Thus, each student has the time and opportunity to talk and to practice his or her language skills.

Tuition forms

Choice of tuition form depends on the needs of the student, the number of students, as well as the objectives and specifics of the company.

  • In-house training is conducted in mini or regular groups.
  • We conduct conversational language courses, as well as courses focused on the specifics of working and professional language.
  • You can also send your employees to our open courses.
  • If for any reason attendance of regular courses is difficult, you may consider our online learning options. We offer the services of the well-known Tell Me More portal.
  • We can improve the language skills of executive personnel by individual training, right in your office or via Skype, and our  reliable partners abroad help us organize intensive groups or individual language immersion lasting from 1 to 3 weeks.


Our aim is to offer quality training at a competitive price. Depending on the form of tuition, the price for one academic hour is between 26 and 28 euros (not including VAT).


Please contact us when you want to develop the language skills of your employees. We will find a solution that takes into account all your specific needs and goals.

Email or call Malle Nei malle@multilingua.ee, phone 640 8541. You can also fill in the form below and we will send you a quote .

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