Language Students Hold Multilingua’s Courses in High Esteem

December 1, 2009

During May Multilingua gathered feedback from its students for the purposes of analysing the general satisfaction with the language courses offered and the quality of teaching. Our sincere thanks to everyone who found time to take our survey! Your comments and suggestions will help us plan our future activities and improve the quality of teaching. We are glad to share with you the following results:

In total 211 completed feedback forms were returned. On a 10 point scale the satisfaction with our courses is 8,61. This index reflects general satisfaction, fulfilment of expectations and perceived benefit. The questionnaire contained 13 statements regarding the quality of language studies and the final median quality score was 9,12.

For more information regarding this survey please contact our marketing manager Saskia Undusk via e-mail or phone (+372) 640 8544.

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