Take the language test and find out the appropriate level of training.

Quick Language Proficiency Assesment


How do you assess your language level? Which course level to choose:
0 – I have no knowledge of the language. A1.1 – Beginner
1 – I know only a few words and phrases. A1.1 – Beginner
2 – My knowledge of the language is limited, that is why I have difficulties in everyday situations as well; I know only some simple phrases and sentences. A1.2 – Elementary
3 – I can cope in everyday situations for practical needs but communication often breaks down in new situations. A2 – Pre-Intermediate
4 – I can cope with basic familiar situations but there are often difficulties in expressing myself; neither my vocabulary nor grammar is adequate. A2 – Pre-Intermediate
5 – I can speak and understand reasonably well in familiar situations but sometimes have difficulties. B1 – Intermediate
6 – I do not usually have problems communicating but I still make mistakes and feel short of vocabulary. B1 – Intermediate
7 – I can use the language effectively in most situations and seldom have problems with understanding and making myself undestood. B2 – Upper Intermediate
8 – I speak and understand the language very well, but occasionally I have problems in unfamiliar situations. B2 – Upper Intermediate or C1 – Advanced
9 – Native speaker level