Multilingua helped with preparation of Getter Jaani for the Eurovision contest

May 29, 2011

Multilingua helped with preparation of Getter Jaani for the Eurovision contest: since March this year Getter Jaani and her management team were improving their English language skills in Multilingua. The initial goal, of course, was to prepare the singer for the upcoming contest, but having returned from the event Getter decided to continue her studies in Multilingua.

According to Multilingua director Malle Nei, the decision to support Getter Jaani and to organize English language courses was made very quickly, as the goal of the entire event is extremely positive and the contest is based on the same values Multilingua shares: "Multilingua aims at promoting life-long learning. We value a chance to present Estonia on international level. Language proficiency opens doors to the wider world and we hope that Estonians will be leaving a positive impression in other countries with their language skills".

Getter Jaani’s manager Tambet Mumma adds that they have selected Multilingua, as the company is one of the most recognized specialists in the field. “We had limited time to achieve the results, and we believed in Multilingua’s professionalism”, – says Mumma.

Immediately before her departure Getter Jaani thanked the language course organizers: "I am very grateful to my manager Tambet Mumma and to Multilingua, who made it possible for me to attend English language lessons. I did not feel comfortable giving interviews in English, but now I am going to Eurovision and I feel much more confident. I’d like to say “Thank you so much!” to my instructor Evelyn Soidla".

MULTILINGUA LANGUAGE SCHOOL is one of the leading language schools in Estonia, offering language courses since 1994. Multilingua schools are located in Tallinn and in Riga. Every year Multilingua has ca. 1000 students that study more than 10 different languages. Multilingua aims at offering flexible, modern and quality language study, and promotes life-long learning.

GETTER JAANI (born in 1993) is one of the most successful young Estonian artists who recently secured a clear-cut victory during the public voting at the Estonian Song 2011 contest and in May represented Estonia on the Eurovision 2011 contest in Düsseldorf with her “Rockefeller Street” song.

Saskia Undusk
Marketing Manager
Multilingua Language School 
Tel. : +372 640 8544

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