New! Multilingua now offers the Greek language courses

May 29, 2011

Multilingua now offers you to learn the Greek language. Those who plan to go to Greece on holidays may consider taking an intensive Greek language course to ensure a greater travelling experience and more colorful impressions! Our first Greek language course starts on 6th June. 

The instructor Karoliina Kagovere shares her opinion on why learn the Greek language: 

Why select the modern Greek language among all possible languages to learn? The primary reason could be communication: tourism is a major industry in Greece and the Greeks very well realize how much they benefit from the tourists. Among themselves, they make a distinction between "our" and "others". However, if you speak even a little bit of their language, the distinction becomes almost non-existent and being friendly and inquisitive by nature as they are the Greeks immediately embrace the Greek language speakers as their own. This way it is possible to witness the "real" Greek life, which ordinary tourists are unlikely to see at all. 

The second reason, of course, is the Greek culture. Everyone has heard of the Ancient Greece: about its culture, literature and heroes, but when it comes to the modern Greek life, knowledge of most Estonians is limited to stories found in Gerald Durrell’s "My Family and Other Animals." In modern Greece everywhere you encounter traces of the country’s ancient history, its belonging to the Byzantine empire or memories of the Turkish rule. For example, driving in a car along some small bay a local may randomly mention: "Oh, and here in the bay Cleopatra kept her fleet during the winter storms". It’s very interesting to see how a country with such important and diverse history became the present day sunny and politically passionate Mediterranean state that despite being a part of the EU does not always consider itself to be a part of Europe. Some proficiency in the modern Greek language opens much wider opportunities when you visit Greece. 

And finally – even beginners in the Greek language will soon notice the rapid growth of proficiency – many foreign words are actually of Greek origin, and soon even such words as “thalassocratia” or “limnology” become familiar and easy. Studying also creates a passion to trace origins of many “Estonian” words. And of course, it is also helpful in learning other languages. As the Greeks themselves love to say: "There is no dictionary in the world with no Greek language inside".

Sounds interesting? Come and discover the Greek language on our intensive courses in June:

Greek language for beginners: A minigroup intensive course
Dates: 6 – 16 June. Lessons on Mo+Tu+We+Th, 17:30-20:00.
Number of academic hours: 24
Group size: 4 people
Price: 151.20€ (including VAT).

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