Language proficiency level A2

Training goal: acquire good basic language skills.

Time needed to achieve the language proficiency level: ca 180 academic hours.

Communication skills acquired:
Describing surroundings; expressing feelings, wishes, emotions and dreams; asking about goods in the shops or at the market; starting a conversation; using polite expressions in a conversation; describing how he/she is feeling; adverbs of time; making bookings; introducing companies and one’s home town; asking and giving information (also on the phone); solving problems, etc.

Learning outcomes:
• Can understand short and easy texts written in easy everyday language or related to the learner’s job.
• Can describe events and routines in a short and simple way.
• Can describe intentions and agreements.
• Can describe his/her family, living conditions, studies, previous and current job.
• Can describe his/her previous activities and personal experience.
• Can easily manage in everyday conversations.
• Can understand clear conversations related to familiar topics.
• Can understand TV news  if the picture supports the content.