Language proficiency level B1

Training goal: achieve language skills on the level of an independent user.

Time needed to achieve the language proficiency level: ca 240 academic hours.

Communication skills acquired:
Expressing opinions, advice, proposals and requests, getting information, agreeing and disagreeing, expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction, filing complaints and reacting to complaints, expressing amounts, expressing compassion and empathy, discussing work and leisure, giving messages, introducing his/her working conditions, comparing companies, writing e-mails, etc.

Learning outcomes:
• Can understand easier texts on the matters of his/her interests.
• Can find and understand information in everyday texts.
• Can generally understand texts but may not understand all the details.
• Can write short reports.
• Can describe significant details of unexpected events.
• Can describe his/her dreams, wishes, and ambitions.
• Can describe the contents of a book or a movie and express his/her opinion.
• Can express his/her opinions, describe intentions and routines.
• Can guess the meaning of unknown words from the context in case of a familiar topic.
• Can follow the main points of a longer conversation in case of clear articulation and the use of non-specific language.
• Understands factual information related to everyday life or his/her job.
• Can follow a lecture or a presentation related to his/her job in case of coherent structure, clear articulation and a well-known topic.
• Can understand the contents of broadcasts and news related to familiar topics provided the text is presented in a relatively slow and clear way.
• Can understand movies where the picture supports the content and the storyline is simple and clear.