Language proficiency level B2

Training goal: achieve language skills on the level of an advanced user.

Time needed to achieve the language proficiency level: ca 240 academic hours.

Communication skills acquired:
Expressing opinions, discussing different topics, exchanging information, giving presentations, discussing different topics related to work and leisure, giving messages, describing one’s job and working conditions, comparing companies, writing e-mails, etc.

Learning outcomes:
• Can understand articles also outside of his/her field of specialisation in case he/she can use a dictionary.
• Can read texts fluently choosing the speed depending on the specific text and the goal of reading.
• Can understand a wide range of articles related to different problems where the authors express and discuss different approaches and opinions.
• Can analyse information and argumentation from different sources.
• Can give consecutive reasons.
• Can speculate on reasons, outcomes and hypothetical situations.
• Can understand the main points of lectures and reports with sophisticated use of language.
• Can understand most of the TV and radio news and broadcasts, including documentaries and movies, interviews and talk shows where general language is being used.