Language proficiency level C1

Training goal: achieve language skills on the level of a proficient user.

Time needed to achieve the language proficiency level: ca 240 academic hours.

Communication skills acquired:
Expressing opinions and differences of opinions, discussing, giving information, giving presentations, having negotiations, taking part in fluent conversations, telling short stories, writing e-mails, having teleconferences, etc.

Learning outcomes:
• Can understand long, detailed and complicated manuals and instructions.
• Can understand a wide range of abstract, complicated and long texts and recognise implicit meaning.
• Can reason his/her attitudes and give examples.
• Can present well-structured opinions, pointing out his/her more important ideas and facts supporting those.
• Can write coherent and detailed descriptions on complicated subjects.
• Can write without using a dictionary so well that his/her use of language has to be checked only in case of an important text.