Satisfaction study results for the 2012/2013 study year show that students highly value the courses they have attended

September 3, 2013

Multilingua regularly monitors the satisfaction of its students with the courses offered. We are happy to announce the results of the group study feedback questionnaires for the past study year. Here are the results for the 2012/2013 study year:

– In total we received 495 completed feedback questionnaires from our students. The satisfaction rate index of Multilingua courses was 8.92 on a 10-point scale. The satisfaction index is an average of the rates given with regard to general satisfaction with the courses, their consistency with student expectations and the practical resulting benefits.
– The questionnaires also contained 13 statements regarding the language study quality that were to be rated on a scale from 1 to 10. The average quality index here was 9.30.
Multilingua recommendation index (NPS – Net Promoter Score) was 77%. The recommendation index shows how likely customers are to recommend the service to their friends. It is a percentage ratio of those who would give their recommendations and those who would not recommend the service. For the purposes of this study, the former are those who answered the question “Would you be willing to recommend Multilingua as a language school to your friends?” with 9 or 10 (10-point scale, with 1 – deffinitely not would recommend and 10 – would deffinitely recommend). Those with answers from 1 to 6 were considered not to give their recommendations.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the feedback questionnaires! Thanks to your suggestions and comments and the resulting analysis, we can plan our future activities, maintaining the high level of student satisfaction and teaching quality as well as improving it further.

For more information about the feedback results, please contact our marketing manager Saskia Undusk by email – or by phone – 640 8544.

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