Intensive Courses

Intensive learning is an efficient way to save time and quickly brush up one’s foreign language skills.

Intensive learning is exciting and active. As opposed to a traditional 90-minute class, an all-day session enables learners to use more rote techniques for better language acquisition. Students who have completed the course successfully will leave with improved self-expression, fluent easily understood speaking skills and a deeper knowledge of grammar. As our groups are small, everyone can ask the teacher for individual feedback and recommendations for further language learning options.

Intensive courses offer a fast alternative, but in order to not forget the newly acquired knowledge the courses should be taken systematically. Students who have successfully completed one cycle can proceed with the next one after two-three months.

Intensive week course – the course lasts one week, from Monday to Saturday, 6 hours a day. The total volume of each course is 36 academic hours.

Intensive weekend course – as people are generally very busy during the week, these courses are held over two consecutive weekends from Friday to Sunday, 6 hours a day.