Multi-Skype Language Course

People with busy and mobile lifestyles often experience problems being at an agreed place at a certain time. Sometimes they would like to study at home or at their office instead, thus saving the time and effort of having to go to a regular classroom. Multi-Skype represents individual tutoring via an internet-based telephone system, which means that the teacher and the student communicate via Skype.

In the same way as in a traditional language lesson the student practices speaking, writing, listening and reading. However, the learners do not need to actually be in the classroom, because lessons take place over the Skype service.

The study materials are mostly Internet-based, although – should the student prefer – a textbook and a workbook may also be used. Thus the student has the opportunity to be even more involved in devising the curriculum, by selecting the topics of his or her particular interest.

While in the case of traditional e-studies, feedback is generally given within a week, and oral communication skills are often not tested at all, the Multi-Skype programme makes it possible for the teacher to correct the student’s errors at once. Avoiding incorrect pronunciation is very important in mastering a foreign language. The absence of personal eye contact with the teacher encourages the student to make greater efforts, thus ensuring faster progress and more extensive vocabulary.

In 2006, the European Commission and the Ministry of Education and Research awarded Multilingua the prize for the Best Foreign Language Deed of the Year for launching Multi-Skype language tuition onto the market.

Multi-Skype lessons may be combined with traditional individual lessons.

The cost of one academic hour of Multi-Skype study is €31,44 (VAT included).


Free Multi-Skype trial!

You feel that this learning method would suit your lifestyle, but you haven’t tried learning a language in this way before. Multilingua offers a free Multi-Skype language lesson trial!

Terms and Conditions:

The duration of one free trial lesson is one academic hour, i.e. 45 minutes • The offer extends to the following languages: Estonian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian, French, Swedish, German, Finnish and Russian• Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance should you be unable to take the lesson at the registered time • Multilingua Language School retains the right to unilaterally modify these terms and conditions.

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