Professional Language Courses

Professional language courses provide a flexible and practical approach to language learning. As each profession has its own specific features and terminology, the courses have been compiled considering the context and needs of a certain area. Language can be practiced by means of listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar activities, the focus being on different topics and situations related to the specific area. At all proficiency levels, the goal of the courses is to provide students with the necessary skills and confidence to put the new skills into practice immediately.

We offer Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German and French professional language courses in the following areas:
– service (waiters and waitresses, shop attendants, ship attendants, etc)
– office management (secretaries, office managers, assistants)
– banking and finance
– insurance
– management and marketing
– communication management and media
– design and multimedia
– IT and telecommunications
– logistics and transport
– contracts and law
– accountancy
– tourism
– aviation
– state and society (employees of ministries and other public sector organisations)
– medicine
– social work
– financial management

Professional language courses consist of 40, 60 or 90 academic hours.
Learning is organised either individually or in small groups.
The courses are planned based on demand.


Teacher of English Ilme Pesur
Teacher of Russian Irina Kolodinskaja
Teacher of Finnish Kai Kirsipuu
Teacher of French Merike Marli
Teacher of Estonian Ly Leedu
Teacher of German Katrin Vaikmaa

40 hours / 1101.20€.
60 hours / 1651.80€.
90 hours / 2477.70€.