Watch the new TV3 series filmed in collaboration with Multilingua

December 23, 2011

TV3 airs the documentary series “Love Without Borders” (“Piirideta armastus”) filmed in collaboration with Multilingua Language Center.

“Love Without Borders” is a romantic story showing Estonia through the eyes of foreigners – it is full of humor, but it also talks about serious things. During the eight episodes, Vicky, Howard and Lina study the Estonian language and attempt to pass the A2 level language proficiency examination, which is a pain for many foreigners living in Estonia. Multilingua instructor Ly Leedu helps them to prepare for the exam.

The first episode of “Love Without Borders” was aired on TV3 at 20:00 on 9 November. A new episode runs each Wednesday at 20:00 for the next 8 weeks.

Watch the aired episodes here.

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