What to choose: conversational, business or professional language courses?

October 18, 2012

The choice between conversational, business and professional language courses depends on the needs and preferences of the student.

Conversational language courses cover everyday conversational situations. Depending on the proficiency level the topics, of course, vary, but in general, they relate to work, family and home, leisure, etc. Conversational language courses are offered for all the languages we teach: Estonian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, English, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, Swedish, German, Finnish and Russian. Courses are held in mini groups (4-5 students) or in standard groups (6-8 students).

Business language courses include conversational situations that may arise in the office: business meetings, presentations, phone calls and emails, business travel, cultural diversity, etc. The courses touch upon many areas only in passing, and therefore do not allow thorough teaching of terminology of a particular field. We offer business language courses for students of different proficiency levels in the English language. Depending on the demand, we also conduct business language courses for other languages we teach. Business language courses are held in standard groups (6-8 students).

Professional language courses allow exploring advanced terminology of a particular area. Courses focus on topics and situations specific to a particular field of activity. The training program is prepared in accordance with the specifics of the area and the needs of the student. Based on the demand, we have organized professional language courses for all the languages we teach. We have conducted courses aimed at the following areas: banking and finance, insurance, law, information technology, telecommunications, aviation, public sector organizations, logistics and transport, management and marketing, etc. Depending on the demand, professional language courses are held in mini groups or taught individually. 

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