Inglise keele õpetaja Santiago de Compostelast

aprill 27, 2016

Multilingua Keelekeskuses on  Erasmus + programmi raames töövarjupraktikal inglise keele õpetaja Isabel Doviso Ferreiro Hiaspaaniast. Isabel osaleb meie keeletundides ja annab ka ise mõned inglise keele tunnid. Samuti viib ta läbi praktilise õpitoa Multilingua õpetajatele.

Isabel tutvustab end nii:

My name is Isabel and I come from Santiago de Compostela, a city in the north west of Spain, famous for the pilgrimage. I was born there and I went to university in my hometown too. So I spent most of my life in Santiago, except for one year I lived in Birmingham, UK with an Erasmus grant. I studied English philology and I decided to become an English teacher. I taught English in secondary schools for a year and then I changed to adult education. Now I work in the State Language School of Santiago. I enjoy travelling, nature, animals… Dancing and painting are my favourite hobbies. I decided to come to Multilingua in Tallin because I wanted to see a school that belongs to a very different culture and I’ve always been interested in visiting Northern Europe.

Isabel Doviso

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