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Aino Kuntsel

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I graduated from the University of Tartu as an English philologist and a teacher of the English language.

I worked as a teacher at a general education school for a total of 11 years. Independent Estonia offered a wide range of interesting opportunities for an English philologist, and I spent 18 years in the field of tourism. From travel consultant all the way to the executive director. This time gave me the opportunity to see the world, but more importantly, I have the opportunity to learn and practice the art of convincing. How to achieve smooth and successful cooperation in the international business environment, knowing the national cultural differences between colleagues working in different countries, and ensuring that the difference would be more enriching than hindering.

I needed tools to work as a manager, and therefore I acquired a certificate of communication trainer at the Self II Private School, and I have been conducting communication courses in business collectives in both Estonian and English. Next, I went to Tallinn University for 3 years of continuing education on supervision, coaching, and organizational change management, I received a supervisor-coach certificate, and I have been conducted training, individual and group supervisions in various organizations in both Estonian and English.

The skills of an English philologist, a trainer, supervisor-coach skills perfectly complement each other in my current adult education work.
I took part in a project that supported the preparation of officials for the Estonian presidency of the EU, whose topics were chairing meetings, presentations, and negotiations in English.
I have trained both public officials and business people to use a foreign language taking into account international cultural diversity. The internationalization of companies brings Estonia the branches of multicultural businesses. There is a growing need for training staff who knows foreign languages in a grammatically correct way and can communicate in an international context. It means using the same language as a sensitive tool for the success of business communication.