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Łukasz Chwistek

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Łukasz Chwistek – instructor of Russian and Polish languages

I am a philologist with a capital letter – I look at life as a true philologist does. My work is my passion!

I graduated from the Brest State A.Pushkin University in Belarus. Have I ever thought about choosing my future profession? Never! Already by the age of 7 I knew that my vocation was to teach.
Since I am a native speaker of Russian and Polish languages, as well as a representative of these two very close, but at the same time different cultures, in my classes I always tell students what unites and what distinguishes Western and Eastern Slavs.

I am a real volcano of energy. I love channeling this energy to my students during Russian or Polish language lessons. My students are very different: Russians, Poles, Estonians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Americans, Chinese – people of all ages.

I gained my first experience while studying at the university: I started working in one of the largest Polish language schools in Belarus. I taught the language, culture and literature of Poland to university applicants. I also taught the colloquial language to adults. At the same time, I taught Russian as a foreign language to university students. Since 2014, I started teaching the Russian and Belarusian languages ​​at the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics, and the Polish language in many language schools and private universities in Warsaw. I also have firsthand experience in teaching Russian and Polish languages via Skype.

My main professional goal is to develop a language skill in my students. There are as many different teaching methods as there are students in a study group. During my lessons there is always a complete immersion in the lexical and grammar material that is being studied – students are never bored.

In my free time I work on my doctoral dissertation, study foreign languages, read books, watch TV shows, ride a bicycle.