What is language coaching?


The process of life coaching (goal setting, action and strategy setting, reviewing goals and really getting clients to focus on personal development and accomplishments) is integrated into the language learning process.

What does the method offer?

  • a language training which combines the science of learning and aspects of traditional coaching;
  • it includes coaching models and tools;
  • it adds the ethical principles of coaching itself;
  • it includes an individual needs analysis;
  • it tailors language targets to individual needs;
  • it embraces the cultural aspects of language;
  • it may include professional expertise and have a topical focus, e.g. business etc.;
  • it addresses personal aspects such as client confidence, comfort, motivation and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of the method:

  • Accredited language teachers and coaches
  • Helps client to learn faster and more effectively
  • Efficient and powerful goal setting process
  • Course tailored around the needs of the client
  • Structured process where client and coach create own learning materials
  • Step by step learning process with coaching-style conversations
  • Immediate feedback and assessment

Target group

Heads of the companies and team leaders from various fields whose work environment requires the ability to build English-language co-operation.


The course duration is based on the agreed array of topics.


The cost of one academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes) is € 45 (VAT is added to the price) per person.


Aino Kuntsel (English philologist, trainer, supervisor-coach)

Kristel Pajusaar (English language coach)

Kristi Karjatse (English language coach)

Laura Kahju (English language coach)

Liis Avarmaa (English and Estonian language coach)

Kerttu Pihkva (Swedish language coach)