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Kristel Pajusaar

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I acquired foreign languages and a business degree at the Estonian Business School. During my studies, in the framework of the Erasmus program, I studied at the Oslo BI Norwegian Business School where I focused on international commercial law and marketing / branding. After completing a degree, I lived in an English-speaking environment in the USA and UK for a total of 12 years. Over the years while living abroad, I have accumulated experiences that I would not have acquired so easily in Estonia – for example, in the UK I was involved as a jurist in the work of the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales.

Thanks to my studies and years spent abroad, I have a strong English language base, extensive vocabulary and a comprehensive source of knowledge for teaching the language of different areas. In addition, I have continued my specialty education in Brighton, UK. In 2017, I underwent through the Erasmus + program a training “Teaching Business English” and in 2018 “Aspects of Teaching English” for English language teachers at the English Language Center in Brighton.

I have been engaged in adult education since 2006. For me, it is essential to achieve good contact with students and the collaboration that works through respect and shared commitments. Initially, everyone has a fear of communication, but everyone is able to acquire a new language or to improve the existing level if it is done with a positive attitude.

Learning English is fun and effective if both the learner and the teacher are motivated and ready for cooperation.