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Kerttu Pihkva

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I began to study Swedish at the 10th grade at the Gustav Adolf Gymnasium, where the Swedish language was taught six hours a week. From there I also caught the “Swedish language bug,” followed by studies at Tallinn University where I graduated from the specialty of Swedish Philology. This was followed by the studies at the Axevalla folkhögskola in Sweden, where, in addition to practicing my Swedish language, I was able to see how ordinary Swedes live and study and spend their free time. It was a very enriching experience.

I have been working as a Swedish teacher since 2003 and at Multilingua since 2004.

In my classes, I put great emphasis on communication and conversation. I try to encourage learners to talk and ask questions. I urge them to chat even when the learners think that conversation is not yet too fluent and correct. I also consider grammar to be very important since without the knowledge of rules it is difficult to develop a conversation. We do not endeavor to achieve the ideal language skills, but we want the class to be interesting and fun so that we could have a serious conversation, as well as have a good amount of fun and laughter.