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Kristi Kiilman

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I graduated in 2009 from the University of Tallinn as a teacher of English. Since 2013 I have been working as an adult English and Estonian teacher. My area of ​​work is mainly courses inside companies and Skype training (business and communication languages).

I have been working in Multilingua since 2015, and I teach Estonian and English from the basic level to the advanced level. I have had long-term cooperation with companies operating in the fields of construction, security services, and logistics. In addition, I have taught financial English in banks.

I teach Estonian for both groups in open courses and individual learners. Learners consider Estonian as the most difficult, but also the funniest language in the world, and I believe that this is one area where the teacher is always smarter than Google.

Life-long learning is important and correct use of language is the best business card for everyone. A positive attitude and motivation are essential in learning. Nothing is unsurpassable, and language learning is pure pleasure. Being a student in everyday life as a learner in Finnish, I see the importance of continuity and courage to communicate. This is precisely why conversations and everyday situations are essential in my classrooms. Skype training has shown both to my learners and me that you can learn languages ​​everywhere.

Of my personal achievements, I consider the title “Good Health Promotor 2013” and the independent study of the Finnish language to be the most important. My hobbies are CrossFit, gym and badminton.