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Ilme Pesur

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I graduated from the Pedagogical Institute with a qualification as a teacher of English and German languages, and I have completed my language proficiency in the UK in Dartford, Norwich, and Brighton. In addition, I have studied teaching English business language in Riga and Brighton and several advanced courses.
In 2008 I was selected as the Educator of the Year in Tallinn.

Since 2000, I have been working at Multilingua. I have been involved in group training, individual lessons, and Multi-Skype. I have taught both business language, specialty language and general language. An interesting experience was also giving English lessons to hearing impaired people. I have taught English in a specialist context for both top executives, top officials, pilots, taxi drivers, bank officials, construction specialists, accountants, rescue service providers, etc.

In my work I have tried to apply a methodology that allows you to learn a language in a free and pleasant atmosphere, highlighting the practical side. Studying does not necessarily have to be difficult and boring, but knowledge and skills can also be acquired easily and comfortably. The presentation of the historical background and the association of words and expressions with the actual language environment is also an important part.
The most important thing is to immediately practice the expressions and language constructions and use them for speaking. A language is primarily a communication tool, and it is important to understand and make yourself understood. Mistakes are mistakes only when they interfere with understanding.
Therefore, silence at the language lesson is not gold, but talk is!