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Kristel Kääramees

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I have graduated from the University of Tartu from the specialties of Swedish language and conference interpreting. I have been working as a Swedish language teacher since 2008, and during that time I have taught different age groups on the basis of both Estonian and English languages. I started teaching adults in language courses. In 2009-2011 I worked simultaneously as a Swedish language teacher in the Gustav Adolf Gymnasium. From 2015 to 2017, I taught the children at the Swedish School in Singapore and adults on an English-language basis. At the moment I am mainly teaching daily communication and working language at company-based training.

In learning the language, I find it most important for students to be able to interact and enjoy their language skills. Also, language learning is a great opportunity to learn a new culture and society. A special place in a language class also belongs to grammar, as practice makes perfect and teaches to speak correctly. I believe that today’s IT solutions provide very good opportunities for students to practice their language independently and I try to create possibilities for that every way I can. Classes must be playful and contain a joy of communication, which would bring change into working days!