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Ruta Bergman

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I graduated in 2000 from the University of Tallinn in the specialty of German philology. Life, however, took me away from Estonia for 10 years. During 2003-2010, I taught the Estonian language to the students of Warsaw University and everybody interested in the language. I have been working at Multilingua since 2014 on teaching Estonian both individually, in groups or through Skype. I have complimented my skills in various training in both Estonia and abroad.

I have always been fascinated by teaching and learning Estonian. The Estonian language is like a big jigsaw puzzle that needs to be put together piece by piece. The wow – moments of the students make teaching even more enjoyable. It is very interesting and exciting to work with people from different countries and cultures.

I try to create a pleasant atmosphere in my classes and make the learning process as enjoyable and varied as possible. On choosing the topics, I will be guided by the learners’ needs and interests and use various teaching materials. The most important thing in language learning is the will and courage to speak! If you speak Estonian, a completely new Estonia will open up for you!