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Irina Kolodinskaja

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I graduated from Tallinn University in the field of Russian language and literature in 2002, and I also acquired a degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language. In 2005 I acquired a Master’s degree at the same educational institution. Almost every year, I attend various courses in language teaching methodology. I have also been nominated as a Teacher of the Year 2013.

I have been working at the Multilingua Language Center since 2002, and I have taught Russian for groups of all levels, as well in individual teaching from elementary level to advanced specialist language (topics include legal language, economics, politics, military, medicine, technology, socio-cultural subjects, etc.). My students have been deputy secretaries, government members, diplomats, and top executives.

In my lessons, there is always a friendly and unconstrained atmosphere with hot debates on various issues, exchanges of opinions, controversies, and joking going on. Many people study with me for years and do not even want to hear about the end of this pleasant process, because language is like a living organism that is constantly changing, new words and phrases emerge and through this process a person can continuously develop. I, along with my students, follow this continuous process of change, learning from day to day, developing and applying new knowledge into practice.