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Kristi Karjatse

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Officially I became a teacher of English in 2003 when I graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical University in the specialty of English philology. My minor was the French language. I already had experience teaching languages in 2000, when as a high school teacher I started teaching English to kindergarten children for the fun of it. I have spent most of my teaching career teaching adults. I have given individual and group lessons to both open courses and various institutions. I have been teaching in Multilingua since autumn 2017.

I believe that the cooperation between the learner and the teacher is essential for language learning. The student must have an open attitude, a positive attitude, and sincere motivation, and then the teacher’s role will be to find the thing that feeds, supports and develops all this. In my work I am primarily trying to create a friendly, positive and motivating learning environment, in order to develop the courage to experiment, participate, learn and develop. Apart from the fact that the classes are purposeful and versatile, they also are usually exciting and fun.