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Jaana Sirel

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I graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical University in 2001 with a degree in Russian language and literature. I also acquired an additional specialty as a teacher of Estonian as a second language.

After graduation from the university, I immediately started working as a language teacher, and thanks to this, I have already achieved extensive practical experience. During my years of teaching, I have trained adults and taught both schoolchildren and pre-school children. For a long time, I have been teaching Estonian at a general education school with Russian as the language of instruction. In the framework of the project announced by the Ministry of Justice, I conducted Estonian language education at levels A2 to B1. I successfully prepared students for the Estonian language proficiency examinations. I have taught Russian as a foreign language in both individual and group settings. From 2017, I have been working as a teacher of Estonian and Russian in the Multilingua Language Center. I also like to teach through Skype – with our fast pace of life, this kind of learning method can save time and is suitable for people with an intense work schedule.

I am inspired by many textbooks and study materials, but there is no definite preference. I adapt the existing teaching materials based on the needs of specific learners and I also constantly create new teaching materials. In the classes, I prefer to use a communicative teaching method that places emphasis on communication courage. My main goal is that the learner will start speaking already in the first lessons, I encourage them to interact in the language being taught, re-creating daily life situations and playing language games. My lessons are well-systematized, dynamic and fun. I believe that a sincere smile and the right choice of voice will open all the doors and conquer all hearts.