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Külli Tõnus

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At the Tallinn Folk University, I finished Arabic language courses in 2004. The teacher was Kattri Ezzoubi, with whom I continued my studies.

In 2006, I started teaching Arabic at Tea Language School where I taught Arabic for beginners until 2016. I have also taught courses at the Tallinn Folk University.

From 2017 I have been teaching in Multilingua.

In choosing the material, I consider its diversity to be of great importance.

I have compiled teaching materials for learning and reading the alphabet, crosswords based on Arabic proverbs, and so on. I also use different sound recordings in my classes.

When looking at the Arabic letter, it seems to many a people that it is difficult, if not impossible, to make one understandable. But my experience shows after some practicing; they will be as clear as Arabic numbers!