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Alla Zarubina

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In 2000, I graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical University with a bachelor’s degree as a teacher of the Estonian language as a foreign language and cultural history. My minor was the English language. I have been working at the Multilingua language school since 1999, and now I am already a Russian-language teacher with a long experience.

In teaching languages, I focus mainly on the wishes of learners, be it a specialty language course, the practice of spoken language, preparation for language examination, etc. During the course of the lesson, I try to provide tasks with different goals so that learners can develop their language proficiency in a variety of ways.

I also use in the class not only the traditional teaching materials – textbooks, exercise books, etc., but also modern learning environments that give learners the opportunity to practice languages ​​in a diverse environment. I am trying to be positive and encouraging because language learning is not only a job but also a pleasure.