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Epp Leibur

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I graduated from the University of Tartu in 1976 as an English philologist and a teacher of the English language. I have improved my English language and teaching skills at summer schools and other training events in Great Britain (Sunderland, Oxford, Bramshill), Romania and Estonia.

Since 1992, I have been teaching English to adults. I have taught General English and English for Specific Purposes mainly to police officers, border guards, prison officers and rescuers, including young adults and mature age students. I have also carried out English language training events for serving police officers and border guards. In January 2019, I started teaching at Multilingua.

In my opinion, there are some key components that a language lesson should have – motivated learners, clear objectives and a positive and stress-free learning environment.  In order to improve my learners’ oral communication skills, I use a lot of pair work and role plays. I believe that it is essential to teach and learn grammar because grammar provides learners with a structure that enables them to express their ideas, and is a valuable tool for learning a language. In a language lesson it is important to create such a learning environment that learners are not ashamed to make mistakes and ask questions, they help others when help is needed, cooperate as a group. The teacher’s role is to be an inspiration, a facilitator and a cooperation partner.