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Annika Bauer

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I obtained my profession as a teacher of Estonian of a second language at Tallinn Pedagogical University, where I graduated from the specialty of the Estonian language and as a foreign language and cultural history in 2000.   At the same time, I defended a Master’s degree in the specialty of language editor in 2010. I have been working as a teacher of Estonian as a second language for nearly twenty years. I started teaching at the Multilingua language school where I work till today. From 2018, I teach Estonian as a second language at Tallinn University. I have been teaching Estonian mainly at levels A2, B1 and B2, but also at C1 level. There have also been a number of private students among my students.

In language learning, I consider the development of communication skills most important, and I do this through role-plays, group and pairs. Grammar and writing skills occupy an important place in the studies. I always try to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in my classrooms, so that students will be in good spirits and leave with ever greater spirits.