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Kseniia Zolotareva

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I graduated in 2003 with honors from the Faculty of Philology of Voronezh State University (cum laude). In 2007 I defended the candidate’s thesis and received a Ph.D. degree. At the University and in graduate school, I gained experience at the Department of Russian and Slavic Philology at the University of Tartu.

I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language at the Multilingua language school since 2013.

I think that I am very lucky because my profession and work give me enormous joy and satisfaction. Of course, learning each and every foreign language requires perseverance and long-term work, but I am convinced that the lesson does not have to be dry or inflexible. Various games, benevolent atmosphere, but sometimes friendly laughter at the language lesson, help you cope with any difficulty. Studying the Russian language, the students set goals, but I help them achieve them. I am making my best effort that lesson would not be associated for them with annoying cramming, but would be a nice way to get to know something new.