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Kaja Kuuseok

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I received the profession of a teacher of Estonian and a philologist at the University of Tartu, and I have been working in this field since the acquisition of the specialty. For decades, I have taught both schoolchildren and adults who have acquired a communication language and have been helping learners to prepare for language proficiency exams.

In language learning, I consider a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere very important. When moving towards a common goal, mutual understanding and support of learners and teachers play a prominent role. Various role-playing games, pairs and small group works help to capture attention and keep learners active.

During the training, I use role games, communication situations, pantomime, quizzes, interviews, songs, various associations, rhymes, rhythms, etc. I compile a lot of study materials myself, as in continuous co-operation with learners, new needs and opportunities arise that can be supported through various activities/exercises. My goal is to create a playful and entertaining language environment for learners, in which everyone gets an exciting learning experience and enjoys the development of their language skills.

I am delighted to be able to improve and develop myself. I have completed a number of trainings for trainers: The continuing education program of values development for trainers at the Center for Ethics of University of Tartu, training for the trainers of Minutes of Silence, in 2018 a program for developing Estonian as a second language.

Beneficial consistency leads to the goal.