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Dom Bienkowski

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“I specialise in teaching my native English to those wishing to improve their language skills through dynamic and fun conversational classes. Being a foreigner in Estonia myself, I understand the importance of communication, and place this foremost in my lessons.

I have had an interest in languages all my life, growing up bilingual due to my Polish ancestry, and later studying French and Spanish at school and college. These experiences, together with my extensive traveling (including one year living Portugal), have given me a rounded knowledge of the language-learning process, and an understanding of many of the similarities and differences that exist between languages.

I have been teaching English to adults in Estonia for the past three years. I joined Multilingua at the beginning of 2019, having started at other Tallinn-based language schools. I give regular classes to groups and individuals of all levels, and also perform proof-reading tasks. My varied teaching experience has equipped me with a thorough understanding of how best to approach the various challenges of the language, such as pronunciation, grammar, and everyday speech. I encourage thoughtful and stimulating dialogue on a wide range of topics, where necessary focusing on the student’s specific interests or profession.”