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Katrin Tääker

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I graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical University as an Estonian philologist in 1987 and completed my studies in the Finnish language at Jyväskylä University in 1990.

I have worked as an Estonian lecturer at the Academy of Security Sciences and taught Estonian and Finnish in various companies. At the moment I teach Estonian for foreigners at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University.

I have been working in Multilingua since 2016. I teach Finnish and Estonian on the basis of Russian and English language on the A1-C1 level, both in individual study and in groups.

From the university’s time, I remembered the statement by Professor Mati Hint that a language is primarily a communication tool. As a teacher, I have always tried to follow this truth. Language skills begin with communication, making yourself understood. Grammar only supports it. As a teacher, I am a positive and open communicator, and I expect that also from my students. A warm and supportive environment in the classroom makes language learning a very enjoyable activity. I like students who have a lot of questions and with whom we can discuss issues from around the world.