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Evelyn Soidla

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I am a coach, supervisor and English teacher. I have experience in adult education since 2001.

My writing as a teacher has been influenced primarily by the various sectors I have worked on including internal security (police, rescue, and correction), medicine, music, business, economics, IT, etc. It has given me the opportunity to be involved and keep abreast of the various sectors of the labor market.

As a teacher/trainer, I am inspired by open relations between people in my study and teaching today. I will strive to develop an open mind and encourage students attending my courses to develop it in themselves. The best way to learn a language is through our personal experience in a secure environment as possible.

As a coach and supervisor, I am convinced that all teams and people have the resources to find suitable solutions, feel satisfied and enjoy the results. The only question is, what the route to these resources is.

My hobbies are crafts, yoga, and travel.