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Agne Narusk

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I graduated from the University of Tartu in 1995 in the specialty of practical Estonian language (now, Estonian as a foreign language). Although my internship at a Russian school in Tartu went very well, I did not go to work as a teacher. Somehow, I found myself in the journalism and stayed there for 25 years. I worked as a reporter, editor, and editor in chief, my subjects were, throughout the years, adult education, education, and working life. In any way, however, I kept myself abreast, and occasionally I had to teach private classes aside from my main work. As an Estonian girl from Kohtla-Järve, I received invitations from my hometown, again and again, to come and help and teach. So, I went, I helped, and I taught.

At the beginning of 2018, I finally decided to leave journalism and get back to teaching. Now I teach the mother tongue and literature to Estonian children in Tallinn Nõmme Gymnasium and Estonian as a foreign language for adults in Multilingua. I have to admit that teaching Estonian as a foreign language has so far been more exciting, and I have to admit, my temperament is more suitable for those classes.

At the same time, I began to study at the Master’s program at Tallinn University in the autumn in the specialty of Estonian language and literature in order to update my knowledge in the specialty.

I read good literature at every opportunity and feel great passion for history and architecture.

It is good to teach adults, because – with some exceptions – they want to learn. They are goal oriented. For me, every class with adults is a challenge, a performance that requires good preparation, but also a quick response, huge empathy and, of course, improvisation skills and a wide horizon. This is an opportunity to meet with extremely exciting people and exchange knowledge, as the teacher also learns.