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Vera Garousova

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I believe I have been very lucky to find my ideal job right from the beginning of my career: after more than 20 years I am still not tired of it. I have never done anything else in my life. I guess the most exciting thing for me in this profession is meeting people – I really like it! – and seeing my students’ progress: I make it my professional goal. I have always taught adults, so I try to keep in mind my students can be very busy and have other life goals except for improving their English. I firmly believe learning a language can be fun, and should not require a lot of time investment from students.

English has been my passion since secondary school, so entering an English and Social Work Department at the Pedagogical University in Minsk, Belarus was an obvious choice. I graduated in 1997 with honours and was offered a part-time teaching position in my department provided I would do a master’s degree course, which I completed in 1998 and got an MA in Education.

Having taught at several universities in Minsk I had an opportunity to do an MA course in Britain: I got an MA in English Language Teaching and Multimedia from Warwick University in 2003. After that I decided to explore the ELT world a little, and got a teaching job in China, where I worked for several educational institutions for 4 years, teaching English to adults and teenagers. That was a great international and cultural experience which allowed me to establish myself in the field of private language tutoring and language schools.

I have taught in 3 countries so far, and comparing the cultural and educational scene has never been boring. I have been working for Multilingua since 2017 teaching corporate clients mostly. I believe my Estonian students appreciate the international input I bring into my classroom.