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Natalia Vaiss

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I am a teacher of Estonian as a second language and Russian as a foreign language. I have been teaching Estonian and Russian for 15 years. I have been working at Multilingua since 2017.

I have a Master’s degree in Estonian philology and 2 specialties:

  1. teacher of Estonian as a second language and the cultural history, and
  2. translator-journalist (a specialty of Russian philology).

I am currently continuing my studies in the Doctoral program at the University of Tallinn in linguistics. I actively participate in Estonian Language Institute and University of Tartu projects related to language learning.

I like to learn and study languages ​​and teach Estonian and Russian to people who are interested. I have a wealth of teaching experience. I have taught both general education schools and various language schools, both adults and young people and children. I primarily like motivated students regardless of age and level. I am also in every way ready to motivate learners myself because, in my opinion, this is very important in the learning process. During the classes, I make my students talk, giving them interesting and diverse tasks, taking into account the wishes of the learners, creating a friendly atmosphere that would be enjoyable and exciting for everyone.