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Johannes Vergi

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I have a BA in English and adult education from Tallinn University. I’ve also taken courses in methodology of teaching English at Tallinn University.

I started teaching English when I was still at school since I was going through an extrnsive English course. Starting this autumn I will have been teaching for 11 years on all levels of English. I’ve had individual classes, small groups, worked in schools, a vocational school and in language schools.

In summer 2019 I participated in a CELTA course in Oxford House College in London administered by Cambridge English Assessment. I have a month’s experience of teaching in London in a multicultural environment on two levels of English.

I’ve been working at Multilingua Language Centre for 5 years.

My aim is that Estonians be the best speakers of English in the world. I enjoy English classes, spending time with learners and hearing about their English success stories.

In the future I’d like to participate in the DELTA course administered by Cambridge English Assessment. It’ll give me a right to train teachers and be an examiner in international English assessment.

I also teach Estonian since my experience teaching English has led me to share my own first language to people who wish to communicate with us and we them.

In my language classes the learners speak a lot and the teacher as little as possible, but as much as necessary. The focus is on communication, cooperation and lots of analysis – we ask “why” a lot! All skills of English are combined into practical language use.