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Monika Sooalu

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I acquired the profession of the teacher of Estonian as a second language at Tallinn University, and I have been working in this field since 1990. My learners are both school students and adults who have attended the communication language course and been involved in preparation for the proficiency examinations (A2-C1).

In choosing the courseware, I have, in particular, been based on the endeavor of making it suitable for the learners’ age and abilities as well as diversity. I prefer practical teaching methods that would benefit the learner in a real language situation and also meets the learning objectives. In the course of my teaching and training, I have considered it essential to use and supplement my earlier knowledge and experience, and I have compiled a wealth of learning materials alongside textbooks and workbooks: various sets of study kits, learning games, and interactive exercises.

In order to make the learners feel safe in the classroom, I have tried to create a relaxed learning environment in which learners consider making mistakes a natural phenomenon accompanying learning and are not afraid to express their opinions, where they feel well, are having fun and want to work together.

It is clear that it is impossible to learn without making mistakes. The difficulties should bring about the possibility of learning, not the loss of motivation. Challenge the difficulties and benefit from them!