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Kaire Oja

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From the University of Tallinn, I acquired a Master’s degree in education in 2009. In my Master’s thesis, I explored the fear in learning and speaking of a foreign language. In 2003 I graduated from the University of Tartu in the specialty of the German language and literature. My minor was English language and literature. Both of these languages ​​were required for working at the Estonian Business School in 2003-2013, where I taught German for both Estonian students and Finnish and Chinese students on the basis of English. I have been participating in further training in Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Austria. Before studying in Tartu, I worked and studied for one year in Germany. In addition to my job as a teacher, I am also a guide in Tallinn to German-speaking guests. In my spare time, I play volleyball and tennis.

In the teaching of German, a relaxed atmosphere, the development of self-expression and confidence in speech, an enthusiastic teacher, and an internally motivated learner are essential. The German language is wonderful!