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Kairi Männik

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I have been teaching Finnish to adults since 2005. I studied Finnish Language and Literature at Tallinn University and minored in Swedish as well as Media and Advertising.

I believe that Finnish language skills are important if one lives in Estonia: it would be reasonable for us as representatives of a small language to communicate with a larger neighbouring people in its own language. Plus, the more languages you know, the richer your mind is!

I have been teaching Finnish on and off in Multilingua for five years. I take on group project and do individual tutoring here in Multilingua as well as on at companies’ facilities and by Skype. I teach Finnish in English-speaking and Estonian-speaking groups, and I believe it is very important for students to have an opportunity to talk enough in class. Grammar is important, too, while reading and writing help you remember what you have learned better.

In addition to teaching Finnish, I do translation, but teaching is still my passion! You can also see me as an instructor of group classes at a fitness club. Learning languages keeps your mind fit, and fitness is good for your body!