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Jelena Kriis

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I received my first teacher education at St. Petersburg University; I continued pursuing my education at Tallinn Pedagogical University as a teacher of Estonian as a foreign language and at the Open University of the University of Tartu as a teacher of geography.  I have attended various courses in the framework of various projects of the Integration Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

During my working life, I have worked in several day and evening departments at several general education schools. I work as a teacher of Estonian, and I also teach science subjects in language immersion classes and in upper secondary school.

In cooperation with the Integration Foundation, I participated in the project “Supporting the Integration of Persons with Undefined Citizenship in Estonia,” preparing learners for the exam on the Estonian Constitution and the Citizenship Act.

I have been working at Multilingua since 2009. I teach Estonian on the basis of the Russian language on levels A1-B2.

I like to study foreign languages very much, and because of this I can observe and evaluate the language learning process as a language learner.  In the language class, I attach great importance to creating a positive and friendly atmosphere that makes the learning process enjoyable and effective, applying active learning methods, language immersion techniques, and emphasis on developing communication skills while overcoming language barriers.
I also think that learning about culture and history is an integral part of language learning, and going to the cinema, sightseeing tours, museum lessons make language learning more exciting and livelier.