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Piret Purdelo-Tomingas

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As a Tallinn girl, I traveled to a folk school between northern Norwegian fjords right after the end of high school at the beginning of the 90’s. I acquired the Norwegian language very quickly, and later I studied at the Diakonhjemme College in Oslo in the field of social work. Over the past twenty years, I have predominantly been a Norwegian language interpreter and translator and trainer in the field of healthcare. Over the years, I have translated eight books, helped hundreds of Norwegian high school and university students communicate with Estonian-speaking patients in the framework of care internships, and translated thousands of hours of training courses and seminars. In order to diversify my life, I have also acted as a Norwegian language guide.

I came across a world of teaching the Norwegian language a few years ago, and I looked at it at first as a fresh challenge. To my surprise, however, I soon realized that I like this world and it suits me because it combines a love for Norway, the desire to continually meet new exciting people and develop in the field of adult education. I teach Norwegian for all language levels in both open and corporate groups and individual learners based on their specific needs.