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Kersti Parkja

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Operating various languages and cultures in an international environment has always played an important role in my life.

Although I received higher education as a Russian philologist and English language teacher, I only started teaching the language years later. Before that, I worked in tourism in Estonia and abroad as well in a number of schools and language companies. When I started working for Multilingua, I realised how fun and innovative a language school can be.

I teach Estonian to Russian-speaking and English-speaking groups. I believe it is important for learning and teaching alike to be enjoyable. When I teach, I take the student and their needs into account in the first place and always strive to inspire and motivate as well as remain inspired.

Teaching Estonian as a foreign language at Multilingua, I experience what I value and like a lot: interacting with people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is extremely fascinating and stimulating!

I believe anyone can master a foreign language well enough! It is important to find the factors that will support learning, for example, good contact with the teacher and co-learners and the right teaching methods. But the most important thing is to find motivation for learning and to keep it!

The world is a fascinating place due to its diversity, and various languages are worth discovering!