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Keidi Männik

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I graduated from Tallinn University in the field of Politics and Governance and acquired the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate of Bridge TEFL, where I acquired the ability to teach English as a second language. I have been teaching at Multilingua since the spring of 2017, where I have given both individuals, Multi-Skype lessons and group lessons in open courses and at a number of companies.

I have a great advantage in teaching business English language, since before working as a teacher, I worked in both the private and public sectors, both in Estonia, Spain and for many years in England.

In addition to textbook knowledge, in my classes, I also provide an overview of English culture, everyday life, as well as contemporary speaking and communication.

I think that learning should never be stressful and I believe that learners acquire language more easily when they feel free and courageous. Through a creative approach, I will strive to create a relaxed and cozy learning environment. The key to learning a language is communication, through which we create situations that we come across in real life.

I do my work with care and love, as it is also my hobby. Learning is not always easy, but learning a language does not have to be complicated. Come and find out yourself!